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Coaxial Cable Losses

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Coaxial Cable Loss Calculator Copyright © 2004 ADUK All Rights Reserved.  NOTE: Losses shown in dB


Regard VSWR readings as a guide only particularly when trying to establish just how good your antenna is. Completely flat VSWR when measured at the station patch panel could for example indicate that the system may have hidden losses, be warned!

Consider that a VSWR of 1.5:1 equates to a Return Loss of 13.98dB OR a Mismatch Loss of only 0.177dB!

Enter any one of the first three parameters below, then click SUBMIT to calculate % Reflected and Mismatch loss;

Please note that these VSWR calculators are intended for use in the context of VHF/UHF yagi antennas connected with 50-Ohms coaxial feeder cable.

Some authors quote Return Loss as a negative number, and this convention is still widely found in professional radio communication and telecommunications literature. However, caution is required when discussing increasing or decreasing Return Loss as these terms strictly have the opposite meaning when Return Loss is defined as a negative quantity.

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